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  • Eden Gibson

Flipping the Script: How Does Sexual Orientation Affect Your Choice to Leave Someone or Be Left at the Altar?

In our third look at this iconic question, we investigate how things differ for LGBTQ+ identifying students.

  • Katherine Luong

An Anxious Defense of Romantic Rebounds

I dive into an oft-taboo post-breakup topic: rebounding (and how it might be good for you). Read on!

  • Eden Gibson

A Carbon Footprint That Lasts: Do Climate-Conscious Students Still Want Children?

Just how far are students willing to go to mitigate their impact on the environment?

  • Eden Gibson

Leave Someone or be Left at the Altar: How Does Your Gender Impact Your Decision?

There's one key finding we missed in our last analysis of the infamous "leave or be left" survey question.

  • Joy Zheng

The Terrible Reign of Rejection

Today we face our fears—rejection. Read on for Relationship Science's take on romantic rejection, and what rejection can mean for different people.

  • Ömercan Erol

The Heart Speaks Its Mind: The Empathy Gap

We take a look at the results of a fascinating new speed-dating study that discusses whether or not we can trust our own preferences.

  • Katherine Luong

New Year, New Us: Reaching Joint Goals Together

We evaluate why joint resolutions—ones you stick to with a partner—may be a better way to stay accountable.

  • Joy Zheng

The Power Dynamics Behind Gift-Giving

There's no better way to kick-off the holidays than to analyze the psychology of gift-giving — we break down what gifts mean for power dynamics. Spicy.

  • Joy Zheng

Tis the Season… For Romantic Rituals

We examine what rituals mean for romantic relationships.

  • Eden Gibson

Going with the Flow: How Kyle and Conner Found Effortless Friendship

Kyle and Conner wasted no time after matching with one of the highest compatibility scores on William and Mary's campus.