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  • Allie O’Connor

Quantifying “It’s Complicated”: Looking at Singleness on a Spectrum

Let's jump right in: just how single are the students who take the Marriage Pact? What does that mean for their values and behaviors while in a relationship?

  • Allie O’Connor

Point of Pride or Policy Failure: What College Students Think About Billionaires

We take a look at the ethical (and economic) quandary of billionaires and, according to college students, whether or not they should exist.

  • Allie O’Connor

Kindred Spirits: Analyzing Who Believes in Soulmates

Are college students really looking for that one-in-a-million special someone, or does the predestined have no room in their relationships?

  • Ömercan Erol

Here Comes the Sun

Maybe next time you casanovas give someone your number, make sure it's sunny out.

  • Katherine Luong

Sorry, Not Sorry: When and How (Not) to Apologize

I discuss the core components of an effective apology, as well as when it's time to stop saying sorry for things out of your control.

  • Eden Gibson

Tech Bros (and Girls): How Gendered Influences Shape Computer Science Stereotypes — Part 2

What are some stereotypes associated with CS majors at different universities? How, if at all, do these patterns still hold across gendered lines?

  • Joy Zheng

You're So Funny: The Role of Humor in Relationships

We dive into the role of humor in relationships. It might be time to brush up on your best one-liners (if you're into that kind of thing).

  • Eden Gibson

How to Live Life to the Fullest: Spencer and Morgan’s Story 

Adventure is out there—and Yale students Spencer and Morgan are determined to find it.

  • Ömercan Erol

What Happens When We Play Hard to Get?

We take a look at the science behind playing hard to get, and the reciprocity principle of attraction.

  • Eden Gibson

Tech Bros (and Girls): How Gendered Influences Shape Computer Science Stereotypes — Part 1

We’ve heard of “tech bros”, but is there such a thing as a “tech girl?” And what do these differences look like when we step outside of Silicon Valley?