The stories and data behind the 131,890 matches we’ve made to date.

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  • Eden Gibson

When Two Bookworms Write Their Own Romance: Jack and Emma’s Story

After meeting through a literature class on Zoom, bookworms Emma and Jack had the chance to write their own romance story.

  • Katherine Luong

Love, Sex, and Creativity

Want to get more creative in your day to day? Just fall in love. No biggie. We dive into the latest research of the interplay between love and creative thought.

  • Allie O’Connor

Related Rates of Change: Adam and Isabel

Despite their 99.5% match quality percentage, Adam and Isabel had never met before, and the odds that the two would have met any other way were slim.

  • Ömercan Erol

Relationship Status: It's Complicated

The "It's complicated" relationship status is pervasively familiar among young adults. Read on to find out why.

  • Eden Gibson

How to Ruin a Friendship the Right Way: Jake and Cameron’s Story

Ruining their friendship was probably the best decision Jake and Cameron could have made.

  • Katherine Luong

Shouldering the Burden: Emotional Labor in Relationships

What it really means to have emotional labor in a relationship (get it? Labor Day? Emotional labor?).

  • Eden Gibson

Why First-Date Nerves Have Nothing on True Love: Aidan and Sophia’s Story

Sophia and Aidan were well acquainted when they sat down together in a dining hall last November. The kicker? They’d never spoken a single word to each other. 

collage of 4 people with heart and rocket ship emojis in the background
  • Joy Zheng

Non-monogamy: The Science Behind "The More The Merrier"

We take a closer look at some of the research on the prevalence of consensual non-monogamy (CNM).

  • Eden Gibson

How Two Rising DJs Found Their Flow: Mina and Kadin’s Story

Rarely does Marriage Pact lead to the formation of a new musical duo. But for Stanford graduates Mina and Kadin, the algorithm might’ve done just that.

collage of a person climbing a stack of books, with warped heart emojis
  • Ömercan Erol

The Most Romantic Psychological Theory for Love To-Date

Today, we switch our mindsets from algorithms to narratives, and talk about the most romantic theory for love to-date.