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  • Eden Gibson

A Comfy Kind of Love: Catching Up With Josh and Reagan

It’s been over a year since we last spoke with UMich graduates Josh and Reagan. Since then, they've settled into the comfort of a romance meant-to-be.

  • Eden Gibson

What Do College Students Really Think About Cheating?

No, not that kind of cheating. Find out which traits, values, and identities are associated with a higher acceptance of romantic infidelity.

  • Eden Gibson

Why Bottled Feelings are the Bane of Love: Exploring Assertiveness in Romantic Relationships

Find out which students have the highest levels of romantic assertiveness, and why avoiding your feelings is the enemy of happiness.

  • Allie O’Connor

Oh, The Places You’ll Think About Going: Who’s Got a 5-Year Plan

Job hunting, couch-hopping, med school—the plans that college students have for the next phases of their lives can seriously vary. Who feels ready for it?

  • Eden Gibson

Hope for the Hopelessly Single: Which Qualities Predict Success in Romantic Relationships?

Are there any universal qualities that increase a person’s chances for romance? And how many of them can we actually change?

  • Allie O’Connor

Who Cares about Rocks? College Students on the Value of Other Fields of Study

Not every student sees the purpose of the disciplines outside their own.

  • Allie O’Connor

Investigating the Impact of the College Experience on Religion

Religious participation is falling for college-age Americans. What impact do students’ religious affiliations have on their college experience, and vice versa?

  • Eden Gibson

Kids or Career? How Gender and Field of Study Impact College Students' Desires for Children

How might the intersection between students' gender identities and career paths impact their future family planning?

  • Allie O’Connor

Coincidences You Can’t Ignore: Ivy and Vaughn

"I remember getting the email and being in complete shock. I figured it was Ivy, but because we’d already started talking and I already liked her so much..."

  • Allie O’Connor

It's An Art: First Messages To and From Marriage Pact Matches

There's nothing more important than first impressions. In the dating world, that means your first text, snap, DM, etc. So, what do you say?