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  • Allie O’Connor

Friends to Lovers? Exploring the Impact of Platonic Relationships on Romantic Ones

The expectations you have for your friendships say a lot about you. That includes what you might be looking for in a romantic partner.

  • Allie O’Connor

Times, They Are A(i) Changin’: Generative AI and Stanford’s Honor Code

How will the acceptance or prohibition of generative AI tools impact student perceptions of integrity and plagiarism, or vice versa?

  • Eden Gibson

What Does Your Political Affiliation Actually Say About You?

What does it really mean to be a Communist? A Socialist? A Republican?

Maxwell and Melia Part 2
  • Eden Gibson

From Long-Lost Soulmates to Lifelong Partners: Catching Up with Maxwell and Melia

NYU Marriage Pact matches Maxwell and Melia have some big news.

  • Allie O’Connor

The Haunting Reality of Ghosting, According to College Students

Who you gonna call? Not your date, apparently.

  • Eden Gibson

Through Thick and Thin (and a Little Bit of Theater): Catching Up With Georgia and Tori

Georgia and Tori's Marriage Pact-approved friendship has withstood all the trials and tribulations of college life. See what they've been up the past two years.

Britney and Jeffrey Part 2
  • Eden Gibson

Easy (and Sweet) as Pie: Catching Up With Britney and Jeffrey

Even after two and a half years together, Britney and Jeffrey still make love look effortless. See where life has taken them since we chatted last.

  • Allie O’Connor

Should You Always Listen to Your Heart? Evaluating the Importance of Practicality vs Passion in a Relationship

Are you looking for a steamy love affair or a more sensible connection? Let's see what students are saying about how they want to build a lasting relationship.

Josh and Reagan Part 2
  • Eden Gibson

A Comfy Kind of Love: Catching Up With Josh and Reagan

It’s been over a year since we last spoke with UMich graduates Josh and Reagan. Since then, they've settled into the comfort of a romance meant-to-be.

  • Eden Gibson

What Do College Students Really Think About Cheating?

No, not that kind of cheating. Find out which traits, values, and identities are associated with a higher acceptance of romantic infidelity.