The stories and data behind the 131,890 matches we’ve made to date.

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  • Allie O’Connor

Second Time’s the Charm: Sarah and Beth

With a 93.7 quality percentile, Sarah and Beth beat the algorithm to the punch when it came to finding a great match on campus.

  • Eden Gibson

Friends, Faith, and a Five-Star Match: Eliza and Zach’s Story

Eliza and Zach knew each other peripherally through their campus ministry—but it took a nudge in the right direction for the pair to officially connect.

  • Ömercan Erol

Give Your Thanks, and Not Just on Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving around the corner, let's talk about gratitude, its necessity in romantic relationships, and how to most effectively express it!

  • Allie O’Connor

Behind the Banter, A Comfortable Friendship: Ari and Michael

UMich students Ari and Michael currently hold the record for the shortest-ever engagement after taking the Marriage Pact: a minute and a half.

  • Eden Gibson

How to Know You’ve Found the One: Danny and Dea’s Story 

For Stanford graduates Danny and Dea, the Marriage Pact was little more than a safety net.

  • Joy Zheng

The Wax and Wane of Relationship Satisfaction

Our take on the ups and downs of relationships (everyone's got 'em).

  • Eden Gibson

Effortless Connection, Effortful Love: Mei-Lan and Preston’s Story 

Love is blind, they say. Meet Mei-Lan and Preston: two people who were so indisputably in love with each other that they couldn’t even see it themselves.

  • Katherine Luong

When Fear is Romantic: The Psychology of Scary Movies

In the spirit of Halloween, let’s talk about the psychology behind horror and how it relates to romance.

  • Ömercan Erol

Would it Work Out If It Weren’t For the Distance?

Today we explore the age-old question: Is distance truly damning for relationships? Or were certain relationships just doomed from the start?

  • Eden Gibson

How to Make the Honeymoon Stage Last: Lucy and Asia’s Story

There’s no better validation of your budding romance than an algorithmic guarantee that you aren’t only compatible, but a perfect 100% match.