A Love Letter to the Future

The tools that were meant to bring us together have failed us.

In the last decade, we’ve seen no shortage of shiny social tools overpromise and underdeliver. We all swooned at the chance to connect with others quickly and easily, but they’ve ultimately proven insufficient. Acquaintances don’t give us the deeper love we all really need, and the status games inherent in these platforms prevent us from being ourselves.

In fact, existing social tools, broadly speaking, actively make things worse for us. Our phones are saturated with hyper-optimized products, but they’ve been optimized for the wrong things: collecting acquaintances, high-efficiency dating, and meaningless engagement. We have social magazines and the perception of infinite choice, but we don’t feel fulfilled using these products—we feel empty and numb.

Marriage Pact is at the frontier of applying science and technology to serve genuine, meaningful relationships.

We believe there are three types of relationships that matter in everyone’s life: your romantic relationships, your friendships, and your relationship with yourself. In real life, you nurture all three of these types of relationships at once—so why is it that they’ve been kept in separate products since the dawn of the internet? We’re building experiences that support the whole you, to make us feel human again.

Take the college tradition, for example—you complete an in-depth questionnaire about your deeply-held values, and we use an algorithm to match you with your most compatible “marital backup plan” on campus. It’s struck a chord: in our first 13 months beyond Stanford campus, Marriage Pacts have become tradition at 65 schools across the country. It’s a rich experience for yourself and your friends—and 3-4% of matches hit the lottery and go on to date for a year or longer.

And we can’t wait to share with you what the future looks like. As a small (but growing) team composed almost entirely of full-time students, we’re standing on what we’ve learned from stewarding the college tradition. We’re designing technology-enabled experiences the right way—where you get the best outcome just by being yourself.

And we’re doing it to answer some of life’s most profound questions: If there’s someone out there for me, at what moment will our paths cross? When my time is up, will my life have meant something? Could you fall in love with someone before you even know their name?

The answers to these questions are within reach. Granted, our lives may not be transformed tomorrow—but in ten years, it’ll be crazy that we ever settled for anything less. We deserve better from our technology. Why not make it so?

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