By students, for students.

College is the best time in your life to find someone to marry—but most of us aren’t ready, and finding that person usually takes a back seat to the latest assignment or job search.

In 2017, two undergrads set out to tackle that problem as part of Stanford’s Econ 136: Market Design. What if, out of all of the thousands of options on campus, they could find the single best person for you to spend the rest of your life with?

They combined rigorous academic theory from psychology, market design, and computer science to design a 10-minute questionnaire any student could complete. Running every response through a custom matching algorithm, they could give each participant the name of their best match on campus.

Its first launch took Stanford by storm. Within a week, more than half of the entire campus was participating. In doing so, students found an opportunity to maybe meet “the one”—or at least find a suitable fallback option: A perfect “marriage pact.”

Fast forward to today—the Marriage Pact is a student-run organization expanding to colleges and universities across the country. We work with students on the ground at each campus to launch custom Marriage Pacts and ensure the experience is inclusive for everyone.

Want to be a part of the movement? Or bring the Marriage Pact to your school? Apply to join our core team, or apply to be part of the launch team at your school when it happens. Of course, our DMs are always open—or you can email us if you’re old:

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