Got backup plans?

Let’s just put it out there: college is the best place to find The One. And you won’t be here forever.

But we get it—between career and classes, locking down a life partner isn’t the priority right now. That’s where we come in.

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Our algorithm, your optimal match.

It’s easy: answer our questionnaire, backed by the latest research on romantic compatibility. We’ll feed your likes, loves, and pickiest non-negotiables to our matching algorithm.


Cupid gets an upgrade.

We analyze every single one of the thousands of participants on your campus to find your perfect match—down to the percent. You’ll get an email with their name, and the rest is in your hands.

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Don’t settle.

Do you really want to look up from your cubicle when you’re forty to find yourself alone? There’s no time to lose. Leave it up to our algorithm and find your perfect backup plan today.

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