Takes From the Team: I Like Drama

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Every week, I’ll be bringing you an insider take on one of the Marriage Pact questionnaire’s hottest questions, courtesy of two of our team members. Last week, we took on “expensive dates are more fun” — read that here. This week, let’s find out whether or not the Marriage Pact team is made up of drama queens (I’d say yes, but let’s give them a chance). Got a specific question you want us to debate? Slide into our DMs here.

Anti-drama: Hell no. Drama makes me want to shrink down to a miniature version of myself (yes, like Ant Man, but less sexy since I am not Paul Rudd) and go hide under a pebble. I honestly think most drama is (1) unnecessary and (2) counterproductive. It’s just a bunch of yelling/side-eyes/burned bridges that I’d rather avoid. I’ll really never understand people who get involved drama. If you have a problem, just repress it like the rest of us do! Brush it under the rug, that’s my motto! Seriously though: maybe drama is necessary sometimes, but I never enjoy it. You’d have to be some kind of sadist!

Pro-drama: Yeah, maybe I’m a sadist, but I love drama. Australian Love Island, Clare’s ridiculous season of the Bachelorette, even just your everyday intra-group-chat tension…I love it. Let’s be honest with ourselves: everyday life (especially right now) can be a little dull. Why wouldn’t I want a little added spice? I also think drama helps you grow. I call it emotional texture. If you live your life without any conflict, how do you know that you’re growing? This is especially true in relationships — when I feel comfortable fighting with my friends, I know we’re in it for the long haul. If you’re too passive-aggressive or nervous to create drama with your friends, too much gets brushed under the rug. Even if drama can be temporarily uncomfortable (or fun, if you’re me!) I think everyone’s better for it in the long run. Or maybe I’m just a sadist.

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