Takes From the Team: Are Expensive Dates More Fun?

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The Marriage Pact’s carefully curated questionnaire is based in psychology, sociology, and good-old-fashioned street sense ( — e.g. if your favorite pastime is crashing on the couch with a pizza, you probably wouldn’t love spending your life with an avid mountain biker. But who knows!)

The questions we ask on the Marriage Pact are thought-provoking, funny, and sometimes divisive. Each week, I’ll be bringing you an insider take on one of our hottest questions. What is the Marriage Pact team’s take on the Marriage Pact? Let’s find out.

This week, we’re taking on the following question: “Expensive dates are more fun.” On the questionnaire, your answer can range from “Go big or go home” to “I’d rather save my money.” Here are the thoughts of two of our team members:

Save it: “Expensive dates are more fun? That’s so not true. I’m down for a movie. I’m down for spinning a Portishead record and just vibing. (I think everyone deserves a date serenaded by Beth Gibbons and co.) I’m also down for a quick CS:GO game; I’ve had some of the deepest conversations while trying to clutch a 1v3. These dates cost like, what, 40 bucks a piece, tops? Granted, it might cost you around 120 bucks to upgrade the cartridge on your turntable to a Nagaoka MP-110, but you don’t buy that shit just for a date, do you?”

Spend it: “Expensive dates are totally more fun. That’s not to say I don’t love walking around a park, or even just hanging out at home. But have you ever been front row at a Warriors game, and not had to pay a single cent for it? I’m just saying, the power I felt in that moment? Unmatched. My a cappella group got flown to Paris over spring break for free just to hang out with some old guy who was super into all-female a cappella. Maybe that doesn’t count as a date — I’m drawing on minimal experience here, guys. I’m just saying: there’s no better place to harness your sexual power than bleeding out some rich guy’s wallet on a date. You’ll probably have to listen to him talk about stocks and how he’s totally crushing the market all night, which seems like a fair exchange to me.”

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