Takes From the Team: Getting Revenge

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Is revenge a dish best served hot? Let’s find out. Every week, I’ll be bringing you an (anonymous) insider take on one of the Marriage Pact questionnaire’s hottest questions, courtesy of two of our team members. Last week, we took on “Would you rather leave someone at the altar or be left at the altar?” — read that here. This week, let’s take a look at one of the most divisive queries on our questionnaire: “There is a place for revenge when someone has wronged me.” How ominous. Got a specific question you want us to debate? Slide into our DMs here.

Turns the Other Cheek: Call me self-righteous, but stooping to someone else’s level isn’t really my style. Why plot revenge when you can turn the other cheek? After all, nothing makes a bully more satisfied than when you take the bait. Act unbothered, and all of a sudden they’re completely powerless. Besides, does acting out of anger actually do any good? Egging your ex’s house and slashing their tires brings momentary satisfaction, sure. But if you’re looking for something really cathartic, take some friends to a rage room (wearing masks, of course). All the fun of smashing material objects minus the burnt bridges. I’ll leave it to karma to restore balance in the end.

#NeverForget: Yeah, I’ll be honest — I can hold a serious grudge. When someone screws with me, the first thing on my mind is getting them back. After my boyfriend cheated on me in high school, I wrote a detailed list of ten action items that would destroy his life. Step 1: get into a better college than him (done). Step 2: ruin his social life (I didn’t have to do much for this one — no one likes a cheater). Step 3: well, maybe I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. (And no, I did not egg his house, although one of my friends did attempt to egg his car and end up egging his mom’s car, which I still feel bad about). All in all, I have a penchant for settling the score. Maybe it’s not the most karmically sound approach to life, but it is the most satisfying.