Our Newest Hall-of-Fame Inductees

Just a little over a month ago, we introduced to you the Marriage Pact Hall of Fame—where the most special of our questions are remembered and revered. Now is once again the time to induct a few more of our best questions.

As a reminder, this is the set of criteria questions must have to be considered part of our Hall of Fame:

  1. Seasoned

  2. Iconic

  3. Paradigm Shifting

  4. Spicy

  5. Comprehensive

  6. Inspirational

All questions need to be Seasoned, but otherwise only need to meet three out of five of the other criteria.

“Flirting is harmless”

This has led to heated debates even within the Marriage Pact team. Everyone has their own vehemently defended personal take— making it one Spicy question. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that you will see this question in any questionnaire in the future (as it is retired). However, this question drove the creation of variants such as the current question “Flirting is a form of cheating”, making it very Inspirational. Its descendant is surprisingly Comprehensive, getting at multiple different concepts such as attachment, independence, and control.

“I would go to space even if there was a chance I wouldn’t come back”

Space travel is the hot new thing… at least according to the 1%. Written back in 2019, this question still remains Iconic and a staple in the Marriage Pact rotation of questions. It is a fun, yet Comprehensive question, tying in your curiosity, desire for adventure, and attachment to family and friends. It is a Spicy one since more people than you would expect are just fine with being shot out into space: about 1 in 5 people, depending on the college.

“I prefer kinky sex”

Well, do you? Beloved and Iconic, it is most well known for its part in calculating “which majors are the easiest”. Just by the topic alone, this question is Spicy to answer no matter where you fall on the spectrum. Whether you’re a 1, 3, or 7 on the scale, there’s always some need for explaining. But who would have guessed that such a simple question would lead to the creation of many more? This question is Inspirational, prompting us to think more about how preferences in sex affect relationships and thus leading to generations of more nuanced questions.