Questionnaire Hall of Fame: Our First Inductees

Since the conception of the Marriage Pact, we have written hundreds of questions covering all aspects of love and life. Though they all hold a special place in our hearts, there are some that we have initiated to the “Marriage Pact Hall of Fame''. What are some of these questions, and why do we love them so much?

First, let’s address what we consider before a question can join the Hall of Fame. We’ve compiled a set of criteria below. 

  1. Seasoned: The question must be at least a year old.

  2. Iconic: When you hear this question, you immediately think—“that’s Marriage Pact”.

  3. Paradigm Shifting. This question has spurred a change in the way we write questions, whether it comes to its wording, its import, or the theoretical implications it has on our model.

  4. Spicy: No matter what way you answer the question, it ends up being a hot take, or controversial with a polarizing distribution.

  5. Comprehensive: This question has a high importance value and/or contributes greatly to our weighing system.

  6. Inspirational: The question has led to the creation of at least 2-3 other official questions.

All questions need to be Seasoned, but only needs to meet three out of five of the other criteria.

With that in mind, let’s introduce our first two questions!

“Would you rather be left at the altar or leave someone at the altar?”

This is a question that is a personal favorite of the team. Not only is it Seasoned, written back in 2020, it is an Iconic question with a uniquely Marriage Pact voice. It is Paradigm Shifting as we strive to write questions like this, subtle yet impactful in the long run. It’s also Spicy, as individuals are very divided in how they answer, creating a bimodal distribution. This question is currently not active on our college questionnaire, but still fair game in other Marriage Pact endeavors.

“If there were a red light, but no one was on the road, I would go.”

Come on, no one is looking! Would you go? Also written back in 2020, this question is another we consider Iconic. It is also Spicy, with less than half of people answering something other than “no way”. Finally, it is Comprehensive, especially as it measures your conformity to rules and the value you put towards rules, the law, and your sense of morality. Because of this, the question is still active in the questionnaire, ready and awaiting your answer. 

Let’s have a round of applause for the first two inductees! We will be inducting more as time goes on. But, in the meantime, if you have a personal favorite you think should be a part of the Marriage Pact Hall of Fame, don’t be shy to let us know.