The Not-So-Perfect Connections

perfect connections hero graphic

As much as the Marriage Pact creates love connections, best friendships, and even marriages, matching 5,000+ students at each campus is bound to lead to at least a couple duds. This story is dedicated to those imperfect connections: No less important, in our eyes. Take a look at the one-line summaries of some of the Marriage Pact’s less savory situationships.

Soundcloud Sweetheart: “I saw he had his rapper name in his bio and decided it was not a love connection.”

Cartesian Connoisseur: “He sent a facebook message asking where I would plot myself on a graph of hot and tall. Needless to say it was a no.”

Dormcest Doubter: “Ended up with matching with a girl down the hall…not about that dormcest life.”

Networking Nut: “He added me on LinkedIn and that was that…hard hard HARD pass.”

Too Special: “This year I had a 1.89% match and last year it was about a 30% match. What’s so weird about my answers?”

Straight-to-the-Point: “He asked me to marry him. It was weird.”

Big Spender: "He immediately added me on Venmo. Yes, Venmo. So, naturally, I charged him a fee for being my match. And he paid. After failing to send me the Valentine Day’s stipend I requested, he pulled through with a quarantine stipend. Came out of this experience two pennies richer, so thank you, Marriage Pact."

Classic Stanford: "Met at Coupa, fell in love, she ghosted me."

Lady Fate: "I’d just like to roll the dice again."

Fuzzy Fanatic: "Was looking for a humanities kind of person not STEM. 🤢"