Match Mishaps, As Told by You

Colorful stickers arranged in a tetris-like pattern, interlocked with the text: “Match Mishaps—As Told by You.”

Marriage Pact has matched 250,000+ people to date, with more and more pairings made each week. While many students hit the lottery and go on to date their match for a year or longer (!), not every couple can be a winner. Whether you opened your match announcement email to the initials of your roommate or were ghosted after a 3 a.m. Instagram DM, you aren’t always alone.

This is dedicated to the not-so-bangers-only matches. Here’s a list of our favorite Marriage Pact mishaps, as told by you.

Unrequited “love”

  • He used the 👉👈 emoji and I was appalled

  • He was on a break from his girlfriend and did marriage pact to spite her

  • Got food and never hung out again. now we make awkward eye contact on campus 🤝

  • I got a 3.73% match…I never messaged my match because of our score. She went in the Villanovan newspaper and mentioned it. The writer called her match a “let down.” I got absolutely destroyed.

Roommate woes

  • He’s now dating my roommate🥸

  • I ended up getting a 100% match with my neighbor, but he had hooked up with my housemate earlier in the year and it went really poorly so our two houses kinda had beef.

Wombmate woes

  • You matched me with my identical twin brother, so… awkward?

  • Got matched with my closest friend, who I set up with my brother a while back…. they dated for a year and a half

  • Very awkward. Our moms are too close.

Modern poets

  • he dm’ed me “wanna hu” but had a gf of 3 years.. and they are still together

  • He dm’ed me “so when r we getting married” then started dating my friend 🤪🤪

Welcome back, 007

  • We are sitting next to each other in class right now. Hope he didn’t see me fill this out.

NYT best-selling author Anonymous M.P. User

  • When I received my email, a sack of stones settled in my stomach. I was anticipating it, but how can one know how to feel when being given a man for free? I decided to open the email despite my nervousness. My hands trembled as I finally resolved to click on it. When I saw the name, my eyes widened in utter disbelief and my tummy turned into a knot. I knew this man. And he was HOT. [his name] had a kind of ring to it. I dreamed of him every night, waking up in cold sweats and panics, after dreaming for hours of his hot, sweaty body laying on top of me. I would see him across campus, and we would flutter our eyes to each other and quickly turn away out of fear of being judged for our homosexuality. One time we Eskimo kissed, but we never talked. We just met on the middle of the quad, almost by pure instinct, and brushed our noses against each other. That was the end. That was the last time I saw him. I still dream of him, and I have no doubt he still dreams of me and my hot nose.

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