Matches by Chance, Best Friends by Choice: Georgia and Tori

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On a sprawling college campus with thousands of students, it can be a daunting task to find compatible friends — let alone “the one.” That’s where the Marriage Pact’s tried and true system comes in handy. But best friends Georgia and Tori didn’t need an algorithm to know that they were a match made to last.

Both aspiring performers in the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, the pair met during their freshman year at Playwrights Horizons Theater Studio.

Georgia: We had a group chat that was literally the entire freshman class. Our playwriting teacher recommended that we buy a journal for the class, so I reached out and was like, “Hey, would anyone want to come with me to go journal hunting this weekend?” Six people from the group reached out, and Tori was one of them. We got food afterwards, and then we all just kept hanging out until we became super-duper close.

The tight-knit group of seven took the NYU Marriage Pact survey later that fall. When match initials were released via email, Georgia and Tori were elated to see familiar letters in their inboxes.

Georgia: I got “TO” in my inbox and said, “Tori, this better be you,” and then she got “GE.” I just remember our friends sending pictures of us and being like, “Oh my god, Marriage Pact who?”

On the night of match results, Georgia wasn’t in the best place. Luckily, Tori, her newly minted match, was there to raise her spirits.

Tori: We were talking, and I was like “Well, who needs other people? You have me, I’m your Marriage Pact.” I remember that night we took a picture wearing rings and posted it on our story like, “Marriage Pact worked for us, guys!”

While the pair aren’t carbon copies, it’s clear they share a lot in common, from political values to a love for the arts.

Tori: We both grew up in conservative areas, and were like, “Let’s go to New York and break out of this.”

Georgia: Yeah, and we definitely both thought, “I don’t think we could be with someone who has different political beliefs as me.”

Tori: We also both decided to do the same thing at NYU and ended up in the same studio, so we definitely had overlapping interests. We gravitated to the same people and have a lot of mutual friends, so it makes sense.

But even in their differences, Georgia and Tori complement each other beautifully.

Tori: I tend to be very sarcastic, and will make jokes about someone if they do something dumb or make a mistake. But Georgia will be like, “No, you’re doing great, you tried your best!”

Georgia is also very extroverted, and I love talking to people, but I get my energy from being alone. That’s another way in which we differ. So if we ever have to meet new people, I’ll just stick with Georgia, and she’ll introduce me to literally half of Tisch.

Georgia: Tori is also super into zodiacs and stuff, and I find that so interesting. So I’m always asking her, like, “Tori, what does this mean, can you look at my birth chart?”

I don’t think we’re 100 percent similar, which is great. If someone was the exact copy of me I think I’d go crazy. We’re definitely similar enough, but also different in beautiful ways.

While they aren’t sure what the future holds, Georgia and Tori say they’re serious about sticking to their marriage pact.

Georgia: It was meant to be. We decided if by 35 we aren’t married, we’ll marry each other.

Tori: I would literally love to marry Georgia. She’d make a great spouse.

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