It's An Art: First Messages To and From Marriage Pact Matches

There are no messages more strenuous than that dreaded first DM, text, snap, what have you. 

Who messages first? What do you say? When do you send it? How do you communicate the entirety of your personality, past experiences, and emotional expectations in a message more eloquent than “hey :)”?

Below are the best and worst first impressions college students have sent to or received from their Marriage Pact matches. Try your favorites on your next romantic or platonic connection (at your own risk.)

  • “So I was thinking June for the wedding…

  • She venmo requested me for one cent and said “pay up hubby”

  • “Want a divorce?”

  • I looked him up on Twitter after he emailed me and saw he tweeted a few hours after he matched with me that he wished he could go back to his first match (aka the match before me). I emailed him back with the screenshot of the tweet and said “this you?”

  • “wow it’s been 24 hours and u haven’t messaged me 🙄”

  • "marriage? ... Sent from my iPhone"

  • We began by discussing whose turn it was to pick up the kids from soccer practice.

  • “CS major? lol”

  • “I know 99.9% is a bit of a weak match, but I figured the least I could do before we get married is send you a brief resume about myself!”

  • He dmed me, "E6," I said “huh?” and he said "oh sorry my bad I thought this was a vending machine, just looking for a snack."

  • I sent him a cup pong invite, beat him, and we never spoke again lmao

  • My friend vemoed his match a single penny and said, “here’s a penny for your thoughts (and an investment in our future)”

  • “Hi I wrote the questions for the marriage pact do u wanna meet up for research”

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