From Fated Encounters to a Love that Spans Seas: Abby and Andrew’s Story

Even after Abby and Andrew crossed paths for the first time, the universe continued to find ways to bring them together. And now, calling in from separate laptop screens 3,000 miles apart, they tell me their relationship is flourishing as much as ever, despite the ocean between them.

Both juniors at Boston College, Abby and Andrew met for the first time through the Marriage Pact in February 2021. Andrew has been studying abroad in Dublin for the past month, while Abby has stayed back on campus in Boston.

Abby: We talk pretty much every day, even if just for 5 minutes or a quick FaceTime.

Andrew: We’ve definitely been making the best of it. We always make time to hear each other’s voices.

They take me back to the very start of their relationship, which began with a 98.74% match and a carefully crafted email from Andrew.

Andrew: When I got the match email, I just looked her up, and she seemed normal enough. So I emailed her with the subject “Wedding Inquiry.” I sent this whole witty email and she responded with her phone number. I was basically like, “I need your number so we can set up the wedding.”

Abby: When Andrew sent me the email, I screenshotted it and sent it to my friends, like, “Guys, I’m in love.” It was just something so up my alley. Most people would just follow you on Instagram, but he took a very classy approach.

Abby transferred to Boston College at the start of her sophomore year. Although she and Andrew ended up in the same dorm, they surprisingly didn’t bump into each other that fall.

Andrew: Abby being a transfer, and me not knowing many transfers, and it just being a COVID semester meant that not a lot of people branched out. I had never even heard of Abby before this.

Abby: It’s still weird that we never ran into each other at any point during the fall. As much as it’s a big dorm, we still see people in the stairs and in the elevators and stuff.

Andrew’s email was a clear success. After exchanging initial introductions via text, the two met up at a dining hall for lunch later that week.

Andrew: We met outside of the dining hall, and I recognized her from her social media, and I think she did the same to me. It was definitely a little awkward at first. I totally had butterflies when I first met her.

We went through all the classic conversation starters at first, but we sat down in a booth with our meals and just talked for over an hour. We walked back to our dorm, and one of my classic lines is just, “I’ll see you around.” So I told her I’d see her around, and then she took the initiative to meet up again.

Abby: I got back after dinner and was telling my roommates, “It was so great, he’s so fun,” and they were like “When are you gonna see him again?” And I was like “Oh, I’m supposed to figure that out? I haven’t planned that!” They were telling me, “You have to text him right now and say you want to hang out again.” So I sent the text and made it clear I wanted to see him again. And I think he really appreciated it. He asked me what my plan was for the weekend, and was like, “So from what I hear, you’re around tomorrow night.”

Andrew: The first time I asked her on a true date, we went to Boston Commons, which is a public park in Boston. We had a bottle of wine and watched the sunset and everything before grabbing dinner. It was really nice.

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The couple made it official later that spring. When summer rolled around, Andrew stayed back in Boston with his relatives for an internship, while Abby headed home to Long Island. Luckily, their separation didn’t last long. The pair ended up spending most of their summer together — somewhat planned, somewhat by chance.

Abby: My sister lives in Boston, and over the summer she works in a restaurant. And her friend is one of the general managers, and she was like, “You’re sitting at home doing nothing and don’t have a job, why don’t you come work the restaurant with me?” So I actually ended up staying with my sister and spent a lot of time in Boston too.

It was so nice, because a lot of my friends from home were around all the time. So I thought I might as well have some fun, make some money, and get to spend time with Andrew.

Andrew: Yeah, I was kind of alone more or less in Boston for the summer, just living with my aunt and uncle. So it was really nice to have Abby around. We would go to Red Sox games and get dinner, and we went back to Boston Commons a couple times.

Abby: Before that, he actually came to visit me in Long Island for a weekend, which was really fun. We went to a Mets game and went to the beach and everything.

Andrew: I was obviously a little worried about meeting her family, but they just welcomed me with open arms. She showed me her hometown, we went to a Mets game, we walked around the city a bit. And I just felt at home. I felt so comfortable there.

At the end of the summer, it was Abby’s turn to meet the family.

Abby: His direct family and extended family always go to Block Island towards the end of the summer, so I actually went and hung out with them for a night, which was so fun. Iit was the first time I met his parents, and also like, all of his aunts and uncles and cousins were there. But luckily it worked out super well. We all got along. Hopefully they liked me.

Andrew: That family vacation was kind of a big test, but she definitely passed.

Abby: It was fun because Andrew speaks very highly of it, he’s gone there every year since he was little. I’ve never been there, so it was special to be going somewhere that meant a lot to him. At one point we took a walk on the beach together and just sat on this one rock talking. And I just knew it was your happy place, so that made me happy.

When the fall rolled around, Abby and Andrew coincidentally found themselves in close proximity once again. This time, they didn’t only share the same city, but the same street.

Abby: People are crazy about housing here. Especially once you get to junior year and have to live off campus, so everyone gets really ahead of it. So Andrew signed his lease in May right after COVID hit. So he knew where he was living before I even knew I was going to school here. But we ended up living literally like a 30 second walk from each other. Our houses are so close.

Andrew: We can see each other’s houses from where we are. I would jump over this fence and go through the backyard to make the trip like 5 seconds shorter.

Abby: It’s such a weird coincidence, but it’s also so nice. Whenever I’m walking home I can just text you and say “I’m coming over!”

Though they’ve been significantly further apart this semester, the two have made it work beautifully — and even made big plans for their one year anniversary.

Abby: I’m actually going to visit in two weeks for spring break, which I’m really excited for. Coincidentally, he also has break that same week and it’s also going to be our one year anniversary when I’m there. We’re going to Dublin for a few days, and then to Barcelona and Rome for a couple days each. I’m so excited.

Once fate worked its magic in bringing Abby and Andrew together again and again, no amount of distance could keep them apart.

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