Soulmate Radar Community Guidelines

Welcome to Soulmate Radar. Our goal is to connect you with the highly compatible people in your community you would have missed otherwise. We’re in beta right now, which means we’re still tuning the experience, but it’s of the utmost importance to us that we create a respectful, responsive community. A few basic guidelines: 

Live your life offline

Soulmate Radar is designed to be an enhancement to your existing social life, not a replacement for it. Because you’ll only match with potential soulmates when they enter your bubble, the best way to start getting matches is to hang out with people offline. The more people you’re around, the higher the likelihood of a match.

Be yourself

Answer questions honestly. Our algorithm calculates your compatibility entirely based on your values, so the more honestly you answer questions, and the more questions you answer, the better your matches will be. 

Don’t be an asshole

We have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech, bullying, or harassment. We highly encourage any users who encounter these behaviors from their match to report them; you will immediately be unmatched, you’ll never see them again, and we’ll do a human review of your match’s behavior to remove them from the app.

Be purposeful about chatting

While you’re chatting with a match, you will not receive any new pings from potential soulmates. The point of this is to encourage you to connect with your match outside of the app (Instagram? Snapchat? Signal?)  instead of just letting them languish. You’ll get a notification when they leave the chat, at which point we highly recommend that you do too! A world of other matches awaits. 


It is very important to us that people under 18 stay safe on Soulmate Radar. If you are between the ages of 13 and 17, you will exclusively be able to match with other 13-to-17-year olds, and you can tune your age preferences further in Settings. We do not support matching for people under 13 at this time.

Have a problem? Let us know!

More than anything, we want to make Soulmate Radar better, which means that we really, genuinely want to hear what you think. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Experiencing a bug that’s preventing you from using the app? Contact support at

  2. Feature you’d like to see? Tweak you’d like to make? Pop your thoughts into this feedback form. We’d love to hear from you!

with <3, the Soulmate Radar team